Monday, November 17, 2008

Starbucks Success Story

Starbucks was the biggest coffee stall network in the world with more than 15,000 shops in 44 countries.

Strabucks was established first time in the Seattle city, Washington during 1971 by three people, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel, and Gordon Bowker. Starbucks when the beginning was only just a small shop that sold selected coffee bean.

People bought the selected coffee bean and grind this coffee in the shop or carried it home. The concept of the Starbucks shop at the time was to sell quality coffee and in the Starbucks consumer enjoyed his coffee in the their own house.

Just after 1987 Starbucks began to show the significant growth after their brand was bought by the former employee Starbucks, Howard Schultz. Howard Schultz personally began to joining with Starbucks during 1982. Howard's trip to Milan changed the his method about the coffee shop. Italy, the country that was famous with their coffee consuming habits gave the inspiration to Howard to be able to bring this Italian-style coffee stall style in America market and the world. Howard tried to copy this Italian coffee shop model to the Starbucks shop, but unfortunately the idea were refused by the owner Starbucks. They believe the Starbucks concept should remain the same, that is providing the selected coffee bean, not the Italian-style coffee stall.

After leaving Starbucks, in 1985, Howard Schultz established his own shop by the name of II Giornale . This name apparently was not too good. After he bought the Starbucks brand and quickly change the name of the shop became Starbucks, the business also success. Further the history proved that Howard Schultz idea does work and being a big success.

People liked to come to Starbucks coffee shop because the atmosphere was different and supportive to release tired after working all day long. The Hommie atmosphere in the shop and relaxed was really suitable for gathered place with friend while enjoying coffee. The shift in the community's American culture also was influential towards the Starbucks success, because before Starbucks success American people liked to go to bar and drink alcohol. It was clear enough that drink coffee was far more healthier and better than drank alcohol. Starbucks success expanding to many countries, the culture drink coffee has become public for the world's population.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Coca-cola Brand Success Story

Coca-cola has become the favourite drink to many people all over the world, Coca-cola was sold in more than 200 areas.

The Coca-cola formula was found by John Pemberton during 1885 in Colombus, Georgia, United States. Initially John Pemberton make the Coca-cola formula to be used as the medicine formula. Pemberton claimed the formula Coca-cola could cure various disease, for example morphine addiction, the digestive problem, neurasthenia, headache and impotent. Pemberton used the formula of Coca-cola inspired from the cocawine that Angelo Mariani find.

The name of Coca-cola was taken from the Coca leaves and Cola nuts. According to the story,Pemberton the Coca-cola formula used the mixture of two material kinds. The discovery of the name was so simple. Now the brand of Coca-cola had was very big . According to Interbrand in 2002 the value of the Coca-cola brand was number of one in the world (US$69.6 billion). The number of two was occupied by Microsoft (US$64.1 billion).

Monday, November 10, 2008

KFC Success Story In Indonesia

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) was one of the fast food restaurant networks famous in the world. At this time KFC had more than 11,000 restaurants that were spread over 80 countries. Now in Indonesia KFC had more than 300 restaurants.

KFC was one of the examples success restaurant from overseas that tried to understand the Indonesian culture and to combine them with Indonesia origin culture.

If you had visited to the KFC restaurant at his origin country America or closest city like Singapore, the menu that was sold possibly stayed same, that is the American Fried Chicken, Burger, and French Fries, but especially in Indonesia KFC had an addition of steamed rice. To the KFC restaurant in America and Singapore you cannot find steamed rice. Usually the fried chicken was combined with the French Fries or Soup. In Indonesia the most quick-selling menu and being the bestseller was the fried chicken with steamed rice.

KFC now success in Indonesia and his restaurant always busy visited because of succeeding in understanding the Indonesian culture, the problem was if they haven’t eating rice then it was considered with haven’t eat. KFC chilli sauce in Indonesia also was made hotter adjusted to Indonesians's tongue that liked spicy cooking, like Padang cooking.